For Our Patients


+ What should I expect at my first appointment?

The first appointment takes around 45 minutes to one hour.

At your first consultation we will:

  1. Go through the specific genetic questions that you wish to understand.
  2. Understand you personal and family history.
  3. Assess whether there is any genetic testing available which can provide you with further understanding of your medical condition(s).
  4. Assess the recurrence risk of your medical concerns on your children, siblings, and extended family.

+ Will you ask about my family history?

Be prepared to talk about the health of your family.

A family tree will be prepared to aid in determining the risk of inheritance of a particular disorder. The pedigree identifies affected members of both sides of the family, and that data can be used to calculate the risk of inheritance for your children.

You can attempt to draw your family tree yourself using here.

+ What genetic testing options will be available?

Genetic testing will be discussed and appropriate testing offered.

We will discuss all genetic testing options and help you decide which test is best for your circumstances. Most Genetic tests incur a fee which will need to be paid directly to the laboratory.

Genetic testing is done using a sample of your blood. One, several or all genes are analysed, looking for a genetic cause of your medical conditions. The test ordered depends on what we are looking for. We would discuss the tests available, the likely results from testing, the cost and the time it will take to obtain a result.

Genetic testing is tailored to the medical conditions you present with. It will not necessarily predict the conditions you will develop in the future.

If there is no single genetic test available, there may be a research team who would be able to enrol you into their study to further understand the genetics of your medical conditions.

+ What should I bring?

After reviewing your questionnaire, we will let you know what specific medical records will likely be helpful for your upcoming appointment. In general, we would like copies of any genetic testing, previous genetic evaluations, or abnormal test results/studies that relate to why we are seeing you.

Due to time limitations, generally, it is difficult to review medical records at the time of your appointment. We prefer to receive records at least one week prior to your appointment so that we have time to adequately review your records.

Remember to bring a valid GP or specialist referral.

+ What happens at subsequent appointments?

Any genetic test results are discussed and interpreted in the context of the family and patient. The patient receives:

  • Explanation of the results
  • Information regarding the natural history of the condition
  • Recommendations for surveillance
  • Details of support groups
  • Appropriate web-based information
  • Discussion regarding implications to family members

+ What are the costs?

  1. The cost of your initial consultation will be $420 and is required at the time of the consultation. Please note, we do not bulk bill for face to face appointments. The cost of any genetic testing is not included in consultation fees.
  2. Fees are quoted at time of appointment scheduling and are variable dependent on the service.
  3. There are Medicare rebates for a proportion of these fees.
  4. We are able to submit your Medicare claim electronically for a fast rebate.
  5. We ask that fees be paid on the day of your appointment.
  6. We accept cash, EFTPOS, cheques, credit cards including Visa & Mastercard.
  7. The cost of genetic testing is variable, depending on the test requested, and is paid directly to the laboratory.

+ Do you have Telehealth Services?

Yes we provide Telehealth to families who live outside metropolitan Sydney. While the nature of the consultation is limited, the client will leave the consultation with valuable information and resources which can assist in the care and management of an affected family member. The consultation will help the family understand some of the more difficult aspects of a genetic condition within the family context.

We prefer the Telehealth consultation takes place at your General Practitioner's rooms, to allow your GP to join the conversation if they wish and ask questions to assist in your healthcare. We can work with your GP to ensure a seamless consultation. Contact us to ask about our Telehealth services today.