Providing Personalised Genetic Care for your family

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Private Genetics Health is a network of Medical & Allied Health professionals based in Sydney, who care for families with genetic conditions.  We aim to empower you and your family with medical knowledge, specialised skills and support, enabling you to drive your own medical care.  


A New Approach to Healthcare.

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Planning Your Pregnancy.

At Private Genetic Health, we identify risk factors that may increase your chance of having a child with a genetic health difficulty, and can investigate prior to, or even during, the early stages of a pregnancy. Learn more >

Paediatric Genetics.

Approximately three percent of all living newborns have a congenital difference or health problem. These conditions may be evident shortly after birth or later in the child's life. Learn more >

Adult Genetics.

We assess adults who are at risk of an adult onset genetic condition or those seeking treatment for a prediagnosed genetic disorder who may benefit from current advancement in genetic technology. Learn more >


Mapping Your Family Tree.

A family tree can aid in determining the risk of inheritance of a particular disorder by identifying affected family members, and this data can then be used to calculate the risk of inheritance for your children. Learn more >

Advocacy & Education.

At Private Genetics Health it is our aim to empower families on their journey with a loved one who is affected by a genetic condition.  Learn more >

Frequently Asked Questions.

Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions to answer all those questions about genetic testing & conselling, or to better understand the terminology we use in the clinic. Learn more >